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Been a customer for2 years. Last 3 shipments sent have not been flavor I ordered. Because your out of stock I assume. That’s not right. I’m moving on

Great flask

I use this every time I golf. I’m not endorsed by 4ore at all. But I take several nootropics/focus supplements during the week for work. I look forward to having 4ore every weekend on the course. Always out of my shaker. Just used it all summer and it stayed ice cold the entire round and longer. I refill it with water and use it for that too so it really is my go to container for the course. Sometimes if it doesn’t fit in the cup holder, or when I’m ready to boot it for the next kind of beverage ;) I just put it in the cart glove box or in my golf bag; So the lid is really handy to have on this. Just my honest review.

Good stuff

Looks great in the bad works perfectly to keep the alignment sticks together and damage free

Works great looks better

Fantastic add to the bag needed an umbrella love the way this looks and adds a lot of shade when walking

When is product restocked

Energy and Focus has been out of stock for several months. Please Let your customers know e.t.a.

Good stuff

I drink these almost daily when I’m working out or golfing. Red raspberry and peach are my favorite flavors. They’re better with a little ice.


Only Used it Once

I haven't had the opportunity to use many of my packets of powder - only tried it once, actually. Now I get a survey to complete. It was very tasty (Georgia Peach) and went down well with no ill gastrointestinal side effects. I'm guessing this will be a supplement I continue to use.

4ore Recovery

Good product; use this with the hydration replenishment, seems to work good.


Promotions for new customers far outweigh ones for existing customers. Take existing customers for granted. Pricey

Love this stuff

Terrible. No surprise why it was free.

no review today

After two weeks, I have not received the 3 products I ordered. Please refund me my money since you can't complete my order. I recommend having better service. Thank You!

Always in my bag

Keep a few sachets in my golf bag Easy to add to water and keep hydrated on the course or even when doing yard work in the summer

Great taste

Awesome drink after good or workout. Water is absorbed much faster with the recovery drink.

Great Product

I absolutely love this line. Not just the recovery, but the energy and focus as well. They taste great and get the job done. Will be continuing to order these products!

I would definitely recommend

I would definitely recommend

Sampler kit

Great product. Definitely recommend.

I love it!

Pricing needs to be lowered to hold onto customers. My opinion


Great taste and easy to mix. Does a good job of helping me keep up my energy


Sorry can help

this order was hit by porch pirates, never received